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PREVENTION: DROWNING Is one of the leading causes of death in children under the age of 5. No child is immune, Children are curious by nature.  It is our job as parents, grandparents and care providers
to provide a safe environment in which they can grow and flourish.  We must constantly be vigilant for any potentially dangerous situations.  
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Thank you for allowing the Alabama Swim School the opportunity to teach your child the fundamentals of swimming and water safety.  My name is Coach Rafael Cadena I am certificate coach by the United
States Swimming, American Swimming Coaches Association and many other associations; also I'm a current swimming coach of the Summer Swim Team (LJCC) and Former head coach of the (BCC)
Birmingham Country Club  and the former age group coach of the (MCAL) Magic City Aquatic League, and Former Swimming Coach from (MSA) Meridian Swimming Association in MS, also former age group
coach of the (HBT) Hoover Blue Thunder and Summer HBT to see all my credentials click the Coaches Bio

I have also been conducting swim teams, Swim schools, private swimming lessons for 35 years.  Educating on the essentials of swimming and water safety is my goal for your child to become a successful
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All swim programs are directed towards each child’s individual needs and abilities. Beginner swimmers are engaged in activities which are educational and fun.  Introductory techniques, for example using kick
boards and blowing bubbles under water, help the child become comfortable in the pool.  From there swim strokes are introduced, such as freestyle and backstroke.  Under my supervision, I allow each child
to advance at a pace that will let them take on new challenges while having an enjoyable experience, too.

It is a great pleasure for me to see children become stronger and more secure in their swimming abilities.  I believe you will be very happy at the progress you child will make in the Teach my child to Swim,
Swim School program.  Please call me or email me for more information or any questions you may have. I look forward to helping your child become a confident swimmer.

Whether you are just beginning Swimmer or a United States Swimming team member looking to improve your times, Stoke, Speed or you're triathlete, I can help.  I have over 75000 hours of teaching,
Coaching experience and I have worked with all ages and levels of swimmers from 8 months of age to 81+ years old, including Sectional, TOP 16, High School, All American, NCAA qualifying swimmers.

Our swim school is open 365 days all year long          


Coach: Rafael Cadena
ASCA Level #4

Why Infant Aquatics? According to Contemporary Pediatrics (July, 1999), in eighteen states, drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children one to four years of age.
Two year old boys account for the greatest number of fatalities because of rapidly developing motor skills and extreme curiosity about water. Children are naturally drawn to pools,
hot tubs, lakes, canals, streams, reservoirs and beaches. Despite a parent's best efforts at supervision, it only takes one head turn before an accident has occurred.

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Coach Rafael Cadena is a full certified swim coach and Instructor with over more than 35 years experience teaching and coaching hundreds of swimmers from beginners to
swimmers who qualify to the Olympic Trails in 2012. Coach Cadena is full certified coach by the
United States Swimming, American Swimming Coaches Association
Level 4/5 Age group Coach and the
American Red Cross as part of Coach Cadena to renew his Licenses every year. US swimming required ( Mandatory background
from the
Coaches Association,
(WSCA) World Swimming Coaches Association, American Red Cross,  First Aid, Health and Safety for Coaches.
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Swim School


  • Professional coaching and instruction
  • The latest techniques and methods of skill development in each of the four competitive strokes.
  • Specific work on starts, turns, and finishes
  • A positive, enthusiastic, and safe atmosphere

Alabama Swim School
Mommy and Me: Classes are designed to introduce your baby to the water. This program is
different from Infant Survival Training. Your baby may learn to float on his/her back over time, but
the expectation in this class is to have fun and do water activities that you and your baby are
comfortable with.

Please call me to add your name to the list I need at least 6 parents to open the schedule
the swim practice will be on Monday\ at 10am 205-876-0118 or email me to subjet: Mommy and me waiting list. LINK   


A friend referred me to the Alabama Swim School.  She sent me the link to the website and suggested I look at the videos.  I went to the site and began watching one of
the videos and was amazed at what I was seeing.  In the video were, what appeared to be, young toddlers jumping off diving boards, swimming and floating with confidence
and enjoying it.  I was very interested in seeing more, so I contacted Raphael, the instructor, to determine when I could bring my son in for an assessment.  The next day I
took my 2 year old son in to meet Raphael.  When I arrived, I realized what I saw in the video was real!  There were young toddlers jumping in swimming and floating.  It
was even better to see for myself!  My son after seeing the children wanted to immediately get into the pool.  He eagerly jumped into Raphael arms when it was his turn.  
He was very comfortable in the water and with Raphael.  I was really impressed seeing the little ones swim as well as they were.  I couldn't wait to call my husband to tell
him of my experience!  After I told him how amazing those little ones were swimming, we decided to enroll my son in the school.  We are so excited and look forward to
building a relationship with Raphael and ultimately my son learning how to swim.  

Shwanda Shallow
Rafael has taught my three children swimming lessons.  His teaching skills are amazing.  He is so kind and encouraging to even the littlest of kids.  My middle child, Martha
Ann, was anxious about the water, and I knew she would be a challenge for Rafael.  He has a wonderful gift to make the anxious children feel at ease.  It wasn't long before
Martha Ann was doing "tiger jumps" in the water and begging to go to swim lessons. Birmingham has a lot of swim teachers, but I am confident Rafael is the best.  My oldest
child had two previous swim teachers before I was introduced to Rafael.  My child hated going to swim lessons, and it was a battle to get him into the car for his lesson.  After
just a few lessons with Rafael, he couldn't wait to see Rafael.   My youngest child is doing a great job. She's 2 years old, and I am amazed what she learned in a few short
months.  My children feel confident in the water.  It's a relief to me to happy, strong swimmers.

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